Sentio Platform

Digital technologies for homeland security and public safety.

eGovernment & Biometrics

Sentio provides a robust technological foundation to address the challenges related
to digital identity and biometric identification of citizens. It delivers advanced
multimodal biometric solutions optimized for a number of identity verification use cases.


Advanced digital capabilities and security intelligence for the public sector organizations and institutions.

Maximum security

Take advantage of modern biometric technologies to ensure public safety and protection.

Privacy by design

Ensure the safety of personal data by using software to implement all the technical measures of their protection.

Sentio products

Electronic Visa

Electronic visa application system

This system provides a comprehensive set of functionalities to establish a more efficient, better-coordinated visa application process. It streamlines and automates related procedures in order to reduce the consular workload and allow staff to dedicate their attention to more important and critical tasks.

  • Central visa portal
  • Automated workflows
  • Consular administration
  • Appointment management
  • Biometric identification

Entry/Exit Control

Multi-biometric identity and access control

An automated identity control system that uses a multi-biometric approach to ensure reliable identification and a high level of security. It combines a number of biometric technologies of the Sentio platform to establish secure and automated identity check procedures.

  • Data retrieval from documents
  • High-quality biometric data capture
  • Fingerprint identification
  • Face recognition
  • Interoperability with backend systems

Surveillance Analytics

Monitoring of behavior and activities

An intelligent real-time computer vision system with person tracking and face recognition capabilities. The embedded face identification technology has proven to be effective in recognizing non-cooperative subjects in highly-dense public areas. It is able to extract and analyze a number of demographic characteristics to get insightful data on people in monitored areas.

  • Restricted area monitoring
  • Person-of-interest identification
  • Person location reporting
  • Demographic statistics
  • Saved recordings analysis

Fingerprints Identity

Fingerprint acquisition and management

A comprehensive automated biometric identification system that allows you to store and process fingerprint records. The system functionalities allow the reading of fingerprints from a variety of scanners and performing fast and reliable large-scale search against the records database.

  • Fingerprint identification
  • High performance and accuracy
  • Live scan input
  • Compliance with biometric standards


A modular software architecture of Sentio makes it possible to implement efficient pre-integrated solutions that respect customer existing practices and rules. Individual building blocks are designed to allow simple reconfiguration in order to optimize them for specific use cases of the most demanding organizations.

About us

Our team is continuously working on the research and implementation of biometric technologies across several industries. We collaborate with industry-leading organizations and apply international best practices to ensure maximum security and efficiency of our solutions.